Why Every Pregnant Woman Deserves Chiropractic

When it comes to pregnancy and birth, most women are seeking the most natural, comfortable, complication-free experience that is safe for both the mom and the baby. A birthing mother who is connected to her own body and trusts her own body to do what it is hardwired to do, is much more likely to experience a natural birth process than someone who is fearful. Unfortunately, many of the processes and procedures we have developed in the Western world have increased fear around the pregnancy and the birthing process. In fact, in today’s society, pregnancy is a diagnosis. It is thought of as a condition that needs treatment, rather than the beautiful expression of nature’s finest work. Pregnancy is not an illness, or a disease, and I do not believe it should be treated as one. Women have been birthing naturally since the beginning of humanity. In my practice, I work to empower women and remind them that their bodies are designed to birth a perfect human being.

he chiropractic philosophy ties in so wonderfully to the birth process. When a woman trusts her innate intelligence, she is more likely to have an empowering birth experience. Chiropractic care during pregnancy is vital to assist the normal physiological function of both the mother and baby in pregnancy and birth. Chiropractic care helps to reduce interference to the nervous system which coordinates all the systems and functions in her body. Specific chiropractic adjustments also help to create a state of balance in the pelvic muscles, ligaments and bony structures, thereby preparing the pelvis for an easier pregnancy and birth. In particular, the Webster technique, specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment, reduces torsion of a woman’s uterus by removing tension on the ligaments which connect to the uterus. In general, a woman under chiropractic care benefits from a safer and easier birth, which decreases the potential for interventions.

The developing baby also benefits when the mother is under regular chiropractic care. Better development is encouraged when interference is removed from mother’s nervous system. The specific adjustments to the mother’s pelvis and spine allow for more room for the baby to grow and develop and create an environment where baby can get into the best possible position for birth.

In summary, every pregnant woman deserves chiropractic care because it allows for a more comfortable pregnancy, increases the chances of a shorter labor with less interventions, and creates a healthier in-utero environment for the developing newborn which helps them get a healthier start to life!

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