Just Say No

Do you find yourself constantly stressed by the number of things you need to get done? If so, you are not alone. In our modern “drive thru” society we seem to be constantly under pressure to squeeze more and more into our daily lives. This mental stress can have a big impact on your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Now for some of you reading this, a crazy and hectic life may just be where you are right now because that is what it takes just to stay afloat. Hopefully this is just a season you are passing through and better days are on the horizon. The rest of this article is for those of you whose crazy schedules are self-imposed. Here is my challenge to you: learn to say no.

I know for many overachievers or you highly amiable types it can be hard to say no. You don’t want to disappoint people or admit that you can’t do everything without something suffering. It could be your health, relationships, or other projects. Something is always sacrificed when we take on too much. That is why I’m encouraging you to say no.

Here is the key, get clear on your priorities. As a divorced Dad I was very sensitive to the fact that my kids were splitting their time between my house and their mom’s. Because of this I was very conscious of where I spent my time. I have a busy practice but wanted to make sure that I was available to my kids as much as possible. Being clear on my priorities made it very easy to say no. And I’ll tell you, I said no a lot. There were many times I was asked to get involved with this or that but if it didn’t involve my kids, I said no. When I told people why, they understood and were supportive.

Being clear on priorities makes it easier to say no to the things that are not in line with your goals. Get clear on your purpose, create a vision, set goals, work your plan and say no to everything else. It feels great and will do a lot to help you manage your schedule and stress.


Dr. Rok Morin

Dr. Rok A. Morin graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2001 and returned to his home state of Maine to start his chiropractic career. After a year in solo practice he joined the practice of Dr. Jeffrey Slocum, which has developed into a successful business partnership and even more successful friendship. Together, Dr. Morin and Dr. Slocum grew a highly successful practice which has blossomed into a conglomerate of 4 practices with 5 doctors called The Maine Vitality Centers. However, they have never been content to stay within the confines of their own community. They heard the call of their mentors that challenged them to step up as leaders in the profession and developed their Learning Curves curriculum. Due to the demand of their members they added other materials to their library of resources for other chiropractors to use in their practices and communities. Eventually, they took on a third partner, Dr. David Moore, and re-launched as The Legion of Chiropractic. Dr. Morin continues to look for ways to serve his community through his practice and to serve chiropractors through The Legion of Chiropractic.

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