While this Principle is written with a double negative, it couldn’t be truer. I often joke that I only walk on water in the winter. While people have been blessed with 100% Innate Intelligence, we were not created genetically equal (that’s why I’m not 6 foot 3 and devilishly handsome).
This means that each of us will respond differently to adjustment. While one person may feel instantaneous changes, another may feel nothing.
It is not unusual to see two people with seemingly identical symptoms respond completely different to the same adjustment. Likewise it is not unusual to see the same symptom patterns reveal two totally different subluxation patterns.
It is important for the practitioner and the practice member to understand that as with any worthwhile endeavor, chiropractic is a process and to get the optimum effect requires consistency and patience.
If you were enrolled in an advanced calculus class, you would most probably be unable to pass the final exam after the first week of classes.
If you were to study a musical instrument it is very doubtful that you could play for the New York Philharmonic after only a couple years of lessons. If you want to play major league sports or compete in the Olympics, you will need thousands of hours of practice and training.
It takes time for the body to develop its symptoms, it takes time for correction. Sometimes in the presence of severe degeneration or unhealthy lifestyle, correction may never be achieved and the outcome may simply be improvement.
That is why it makes sense to have chiropractic care from birth on.

By: Dr. James Peck

Dr. Jeffrey Slocum

Dr. Jeffrey Slocum is a 4th generation Chiropractor, the 11th member of his family to practice. He graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1993. His passion to serve in Chiropractic and for Chiropractic is the accumulation of his sense of history in chiropractic with his family and his dedication to his colleagues and humanity. Dr. Slocum has worked for 21 years in private practice, and partnering with some of the top Chiropractors around the globe to bring chiropractic to the communities abroad. He’s worked with Dr. Rok Morin and Dr. David Moore to build the Legion of Chiropractic, and they’re very proud of what they’ve done. They’re specifically intending to bring tools and resources and build a community that helps individual chiropractors serve one another and grow in their capacity to serve their communities. So, chiropractic is a group of individuals with such passion and such purpose that Dr. Slocum and his partners at the Legion want to applaud that, support that, and watch that grow.

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